Study: 45% of consumers will switch to cryptocurrency payments by 2023

October 25, 2021

Study: 45% of consumers will switch to cryptocurrency payments by 2023

Within a year or two, the proportion of consumers using cryptocurrencies in transactions will increase from the current 10% to 45%. This is the prediction contained in a Capgemini report.

The study is based on the results of a survey of 6,300 customers and 210 payment executives in 44 different regions around the world. The analysts also studied data from the Bank for International Settlements, IMF, World Bank and central banks.

Consumers will increasingly use cryptocurrencies along with "invisible payments", biometrics and the BNPL payment method.

The growing need for cross-border payments and a reluctance to pay high transaction fees will drive the popularity of digital assets. Experts also pointed to the addition of cryptocurrencies by businesses as a payment option. They cited initiatives by Coca-Cola, PayPal and Yum Brands as examples.

The researchers estimated that credit cards based on digital assets are leading the way in terms of speed of adoption among other instruments. They attributed this to "initiatives by card issuers to create an effective cryptocurrency payment ecosystem".

The experts concluded that the outlook for cryptocurrencies and stablenecoins is uncertain due to the mixed response from authorities around the world.

Recall that on October 1, the number of users of El Salvador's state cryptocurrency wallet Chivo reached 2.73 million. This country's bitcoin legalization accelerated the development of the Lightning Network, according to Glassnode. Arcane Research predicted that the number of users of the protocol will exceed 700 million by 2030.

In October, Bakkt cardholders were able to spend bitcoins through Google Pay.

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