Study: the number of bitcoin investors in the US has tripled since 2018

July 23, 2021

the number of bitcoin investors in the US has tripled since 2018
Since 2018, the share of bitcoin holders among US investors has tripled, from 2% to 6%. The Gallup Institute of Public Opinion has calculated this.

A total of 1,037 people aged 18 and over took part in the survey. The statistical error was +/- 5%.

Gallup noted an increase in interest in the asset among U.S. citizens under the age of 50. The share of bitcoin investors in this category rose from 3% to 13%. Among those born before 1971, the figure rose from 1% to 3%.

The perception of the first cryptocurrency has also improved. Three years ago, 75% of respondents described it as "very risky"; now it is 60%. One in twenty said there was no risk.

Traditional financial instruments are still preferred in investments. 84% of respondents reported having stock ETFs in their portfolios, 67% reported stocks and 50% reported bonds.

Bitcoin as an investment target is comparable to gold, which was owned by 11% of respondents.

Gallup concluded that interest in the first cryptocurrency from companies such as Tesla, Square and Morgan Stanley could boost confidence in bitcoin.

Recall that in October, researchers at Cambridge University counted 101 million cryptocurrency users worldwide.

Earlier, a Goldman Sachs survey showed that 45% of family funds are interested in digital assets and 15% have already invested in them.

According to Fidelity Digital Assets research, 70% of institutional investors expect to invest in crypto projects in the future.

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