Swiss company launches cold bitcoin wallet in the form of a note

July 8, 2021

Swiss company launches cold bitcoin wallet in the form of a note

SMD Security Printing Sàrl has produced the first batch of Icynote paper cold wallets. The print run was 100,000 copies.

During the pre-sale, the company received 200 orders for over 1,000 banknotes. Icynote's first Russian distributor was hardware wallet shop Cryptonist.

Icynote is a cryptocurrency wallet made of high-density polyethylene. Icynote banknotes can withstand temperatures from -40 to 60°C, and are resistant to water and mechanical stress.

Wallet size - 158×70 mm. Icynote manufacturers use special printing inks, and also apply holographic images on banknotes according to Swiss standards.

The wallet addresses are generated by a hardware random number generator. Employees at SMD Security Printing Sàrl destroy the printers' hard drives after printing.

   "Our goal is to make storing cryptocurrencies easy and safe. The SMD Security Printing Sàrl team has extensive experience in security, asset transportation, information technology, blockchain and banknote creation. We are not creating a database of future Icynote owners, we are giving privacy," comments SMD Security Printing Sàrl CEO Martin Demier.

The banknotes can be used for bitcoin storage

The banknotes can be used for bitcoin storage as well as payments at Icynote-enabled shops, hotels and restaurants. In the future, developers will create notes for other digital currencies.

To transfer bitcoin from Icynote, you need to remove the protective holographic layer. Underneath it is a private key to access the assets. The manufacturer advises against accepting banknotes with a damaged protective layer.

You can check the authenticity of banknotes using the Icynote mobile app. It will be available on the App Store and Google Play in July 2021.

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