Swiss Post to issue a stamp in the form of the NFT

October 11, 2021

Swiss Post to issue a stamp in the form of the NFT

Switzerland's national postal operator will release a collection of 175,000 digital postage stamps in 13 different designs on November 25.

They look like any ordinary stamp - self-adhesive with an image of the Matterhorn and the Moon on a blue background at a price of 8.90 francs. But each copy provides access to a digital version stored in a blockchain using a QR code.

"The token will be launched on the Polygon network," representatives from the operator told Cointelegraph.

The crypto token will bridge the gap between the physical world and the universe of digital assets, the press release said.

NFTs can be collected, exchanged and traded on marketplaces like OpenSea.

The crypto-mark will match the NFT user experience.

"There will be 65,000 copies of the most common digital design, but only 50 of the rarest. With the cryptomarks, philatelists will have a digital experience," the press release said.

As a reminder, in May the Austrian Postal Service announced the release of the Crypto Stamp 3.0 series of digital stamps in the form of NFTs. The first copies based on this technology appeared back in 2019.

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