UK approves AI strategy to compete with US and China

September 30, 2021

UK approves AI strategy to compete with US and China

The UK government has published a ten-year plan to turn the country into a global "artificial intelligence superpower", aiming to compete with the US and China.

Launched during @LDNTechWeek, the first #NationalAIStrategy will strengthen our position as a global science superpower, help us to use tech to improve lives and solve global challenges such as climate change and healthcare.

The so-called 'National Artificial Intelligence Strategy' is designed to increase the use of AI in national companies, attract international investment in UK businesses, and train local technicians.

"Today we are laying the foundations for growth over the next ten years with a strategy that will help us harness the potential of AI and play a leading role in shaping the way the world runs it," said Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Minister Chris Philp.

The strategy includes a number of initiatives. Among them is the launch of a new National AI Research and Innovation Programme to support efforts to improve coordination and collaboration between scientists.

Another programme aims to develop AI outside London and South East England - which is where most of the country's companies and specialist organisations are currently concentrated.

The government also plans to direct more investment and resources to sectors that do not yet make full use of AI, such as energy and agriculture. In addition, other initiatives are envisaged by the authorities.

Cambridge University AI researcher Beth Singler said the UK is increasingly trying to find specific areas in which it can compete with the US and China post-Brexit.

"But we also have to be careful not to believe our own tales of UK exceptionalism because we have previously facilitated the development of AI at some of the key stages," the researcher added.

Recall that in May, US senators proposed investing $110bn over five years to develop advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence.

In early March, the National Security Commission on AI published a report on the continued technological dominance of the US.

A week later, the Chinese government unveiled a five-year plan to accelerate the development of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

In 2020, China emerged as the leader in the number of scientific publications in the field of AI.

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