WallStreetBets community releases NFT collection

September 30, 2021

WallStreetBets community releases NFT collection

Reddit community WallStreetBets (WSB) has released a Diamond Hands Pass collection of 15,000 non-exchangeable tokens (NFT).

"The WSB community has been giving away memes for free for too long. Apple should already be paying royalties to everyone for rocket and diamond emoji. That's why we've brought together a global team of artists, creators, DeFi pioneers and blockchain fanatics to develop NFTs that combine the culture and creativity the community has shown over the past year," said community founder Jaime Rogozinski.

According to the statement, Diamond Hands Pass token holders will receive a number of benefits and features:

  • Discord chat access;
  • voting privileges;
  • participation in exclusive WSB events;
  • Increased rewards for lucrative pharming in the WSBDApp;
  • WSB merch and one-of-a-kind electronic devices from the community meta-universe;
  • Premium access to future NFT releases.

Each token has its own properties of uniqueness and rarity. The digital assets are hand-generated by the creators.

"We are proud to introduce the Diamond Hands Pass collection, with which we are taking DeFi to new frontiers and creating offerings that help ordinary people own their financial future. And it's also just cool art," added Rogozinski.

NFT will be distributed through a raffle for 30,000 tickets (up to five per wallet).

As a reminder, Rogozinski previously launched a decentralised app for investing in exchange-traded products (ETPs).


In our review we have shown how easy it is to stake NFT and the same applies for the NFT cryptocurrency.

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